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by Bart Van Bossuyt


historical earthquakes in Turkey

Map and timeline of the earthquakes in Turkey since 1905. To pick an interval: click and drag on the timeline.

map + timeline

last month's earthquakes

Map and timeline of the earthquakes worldwide last month. To pick an interval: click and drag on the timeline.

map + timeline

earthquakes in South-America

Draggable 3D-model depicting the depth of the hypocenter and thus de position of the subduction zone..



the Doppler effect

Animation showing the correlation between the change in position of a star and the changes in wavelength and spectrum.


sun's path at the equinoxes

Set time and place and drag the model. The sun casts real shadows.


sun's path at the summer solstice

Set time and place and drag the model. Toggle sun's path at equinox on/off for comparison.


The structure of the earth

the structure of the earth

Draggable and annotated 3D model of the earth. Doubleclick on the map layer to make it transparent. Northern hemisphere.

3D model

isostatic rebound

Animation showing the effects of the formation of an ice cap on the lithosphere.


The atmosphere

atmospheric pressure

Set altitudes and discover the correlation between altitude and pressure.



cold front

Animation showing the effect of the passage of a cold front on temperature and precipication.


Plate tectonics

magnetic striping and seafloor spreading

Block diagram and interactive timeline showing magnetic reversals from the past 4 million years.


the origing of the Himalayas

Interactive block diagram showing the formation of the Himalayas and explaining the occurrence of ocean sediments at high altitudes.